Notebooks are great for making notes …

 … but not for finding them

With a TRADITIONAL notebook, you make a note, turn the page, the note gets HIDDEN .

Finding it again by flicking backwards and forwards to spot the page you need can be FRUSTRATING.

You might even be searching the WRONG notebook.


TABi lets you write a tab on every page so you can INSTANTLY find it again.

Just hold the tab with your thumb on the page you need, and FLIP it open.





Create order out of chaos and demonstrate your organisational skills

Save time finding notes … and never lose the important ones

Reduce your blood pressure and live longer!





Wasting paper or wasting time
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We all hate waste. Right? The planet is suffering from far too much waste and too few resources to replace our unquenchable desire for more. So how does this relate to notebooks? The first point to make is that paper itself is often considered wasteful where digital alternatives abound. However, where notebooks like TABi are…

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TABi lets me stay DISorganised!
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I am sometimes asked why I invented TABi. The answer is probably not as obvious as you might have thought. Yes of course I needed to find my notes quickly, so using a three-dimensional array of tabs allowed me to write a tab for every page where a traditional one-dimensional set of tabs on the…

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Using TABi for Productivity
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Most of us lead pretty complicated lives. We juggle work, social, play, relaxation and panic as best we can to achieve successes ranging from survival (ideally) to ecstatic amazement at our achievements – and all points between. Rarely does everything neatly fall into place precisely when it’s meant to. My life is no different from…

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