Notebooks are great for making notes …

 … but not for finding them

With a TRADITIONAL notebook, you make a note, turn the page, the note gets HIDDEN .

Finding it again by flicking backwards and forwards to spot the page you need can be FRUSTRATING.

You might even be searching the WRONG notebook.


TABi lets you write a tab on every page so you can INSTANTLY find it again.

Just hold the tab with your thumb on the page you need, and FLIP it open.





Create order out of chaos and demonstrate your organisational skills

Save time finding notes … and never lose the important ones

Reduce your blood pressure and live longer!





Is Your Notebook Emotional or Rational?

Many of us persist in using paper notebooks, despite the constant lure of upgrading to storing and retrieving our notes in digital devices. There’s something about writing which endures in our collective psyche. And there’s something about buying, holding and using our notebooks which is a very personal experience. So what are the factors we…

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More ideas for using TABi

We’ve had a number of users sending in great ideas about ways they’ve discovered to get the most out of their treasured TABi. So here are a few you might find useful too. Do keep sending us feedback!: “When I start a new page for a meeting, I don’t know if it’s going to fill…

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TABi finalist for New Product of the Year 2017! The British Office Supplies and Services (BOSS) Federation hold an annual awards ceremony every year in London. This year amongst all the vast number of new products launched by manufacturers of stationery, business equipment, office furniture and all the rest of this massive business sector, TABi is one of just four products selected for…

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