Notebooks are great for making notes …

… but not for finding them

With a traditional notebook, you make a note, turn the page, the note gets hidden. Finding it again by flicking backwards and forwards to spot the page you need can be frustrating.

You might even be searching the wrong notebook.

TABi lets you write a tab on every page so you can instantly find it again.

Just hold the tab with your thumb on the page you need, and flip it open.

Goodbye flicking, hello flipping!




A Lawyer’s View

From Jenny Robertson Partner Stevens & Bolton LLP. I’ve been using TABi for a few months now and I love it. As a lawyer, managing multiple clients and transactions at the same time, it’s great to be able to immediately flip to the pages for the relevant matter. It also makes it really easy to…

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The World of TABi

My son, Josh, who’s a student of anthropology at Durham University, decided to find out what TABi might mean in languages other than English (it was of course made up to combine Tabs with Information – as well as echoing disruptive innovations like iPhones). Where TABi exists as a word, this is what he discovered…

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Ideas for TABi

Since announcing the TABi concept, we’ve received several suggestions for customised versions. For example, someone suggested a version for recipes where sections could be dedicated to courses or food types perhaps. Back in 1991, as the picture shows, we had the same idea…

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